Functioning of the Committee

  • The committee functions within the framework of the "Gazi University Experimental Animals Ethics Committee Directive."

  • The Ethics Committee especially takes into consideration the international conventions and declarations that Türkiye has signed during its examinations.

  • The committee meets regularly twice a month to discuss the issues on its agenda.

  • The committee may hold an interim meeting when necessary

  • The committee examines the submitted research projects, protocols and documents in terms of animal ethics, evaluates them and gives an opinion.

  • Opinions are given once applications are evaluated within one month at the latest.

  • Where necessary, opinions may be requested from sub-committees that are formed outside of the members of the committee. Once prepared the reports are discussed and decisıons are made by the members of the committee.

  • The reports are approved after being discussed in the ethics committee meeting and the final report is signed by the committee members. The member who does not agree with the decision states the reason for their "opposite vote" in writing.      

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